Made Man



Verse:1 B.G.

I been in this game for awhile I'm a paid man now (huh bruh)

On my sixth solo album I'm a made man now (yep)

Six years strong in this game

Been doing my thang (respect)


Livin' a millionaire dream (dream)

All my niggas worth ten Gs (off top)

Twenty on my rolex five on my pinky ring

In my younger day I was facin' penitentiary (fa sho)

I was packin' 22s back in elementary (i saved ya)

I done been through it all

A muthafuckin' juvenile I can go through fall (off top)

Hookin' up with my partnas takin' niggas to war (huh bruh)

Gettin' street drivers and poppin' up a nigga car (car)

Before the school bell ring I was smokin' a gar (gar)

Runnin' to my mama residence off the set (set)

Snatchin' bundles of rock is something that I regret (no mo)

But I done shaked that life cuz B.G. got plans (off top)

From being a wise guy to becoming a made man

(Chorus) 4x

I got the right to hold a K up in my hand

Cuz I'm a muthafuckin' muthafuckin' made man nigga

Verse:2 Baby

Nigga I'm a made man gold mouth dog (what)

Tattooed and scarred up playboy my neck and wrist fog (say dat)

But these white folks tryin' ta bust a nigga balls (fuck dem)

Tru to life game spittin' since 96 boy (alright)

Now I'm out cha with my homies and I'm actin' a hog (actin')

Tru to what I seek tryin' ta live my songs fall (livin')

Nigga outta line puttin' ten on his feet

Muthafuckas creep

Nigga want war lets take it to the street

Me and my lil b.g. tag teamin' in 93

I keep it real with my family and my fuckin' peeps (fuckin' right)

Nigga disrespect lets put the nigga to sl