Niggas N Trouble


featuring Lil' Wayne, Juvenile

Verse 1: Lil' Wayne

Its Lil' Wayne (Lil' Wayne) on tha wall brain spilla

Grave filla

Who me untamed gorilla

I be thugged out

Dead bodies drugged out

Throw the slugs out

Love don't live here anymore

I atillery dawg

Came wit many foes

Spend ya benz is twenty slow

Get to tha house kick in tha door

You done pissed off my crew

What yall gone do

Look nigga you better put a zip on yo trap

Or you will get trapped

When I creep through tha black in tha black on black

Niggas be stumblin'

And crumblin'

When we come

They get curled up

Tear they world up

When we come

Now Slim and B with me

Juve and B.G. with me

Turk and Manny with me

The CMB with me

They lettin' loose

Nigga be bout cha issue get lost in gun smoke

Now I'm hangin' out the window screamin' there I go

Me and my niggas in the 98 black Volvo

And the diamonds bezeled ready I yes this me

Ride with us come see

Live with us HB

What what (echo)

(Chorus) 3x

(B.G.) Niggaz in trouble cuz the Hotboy$ behind the trigger

(Juvenile) You don't want this out cha you know weez a gorilla

(B.G.) Niggaz in trouble cuz the Hotboy$ is comin' through

(Juvenile) Betta move or prepare to do what cha gotta do

Verse 2: Juvenile

I can't believe this these boys is playin' with me

I'm bout ta freeze this I keep that K with me

A nigga done played it raw thinkin' Ima hit that doe

Gave the boy my lil change and I aint seen his face no moe

What do you call that there playin' a