Cash Money Is An Army


Shit's just to real, respect my mind

I'm tell'n you what's real, I'm a come like this

Verse 1:

Money making is my thing, Cause I'm try'n to be rich

Try'n to put a way Mil (million) that's why I'm in ths studio on my shit

droppin rap after rap like we sell Key after Key

backed up by the best Fresh (Mannie Fresh) Drop it beat after beat

My click is the HotBoy$ best believe we so Hot!

And dangerous if we in to deep will clear the whole block

No fake nuts at all nigga we roll to deep

With AK's off safety knockin niggaz off their feet

I go by the name the B.G., I ride on chrome in the 98 Lex E-S-3

I bust a nigga dome for Baby, known as B-3, and all these niggaz

Know my dog a do the same for me, we family

Cash Money Is A Army Nigga

A Navy Nigga

So if you ever try to home Nigga

It ain't gravy Nigga

Don't playa hate me nigga cause I'll leave your shit stale

Light You're A$$ up Real Good You'll Never Get Well.


Cash Money Is A Army Nigga

A Navy Nigga

So if you ever try to harm me Nigga

It ain't gravy Nigga (Repeat x1)

Verse 2:

I got A path that you don't wanna cross but if you do decide to cross

Your wig get knocked off, I play it raw it's a dirty game, a dirty world

I play it raw, and do my thing, Nigga Fuck The World!

Ain't nothin change we still flossin in nothin but rides

I ain't got to name you know it is on 20 inch tires

I know I'm tired of these bitches try'n to get me killed

I know I'm tired of these stankin hoes smileing in my grill

Shit Just to real and I'm in a battlefield try'n to get my Mil

It ain't no secret I got skills to pay the bill