Cash Money Roll


(Baby of BigTymer$)

Nigga we don't drop albums, we drop classics

Verse 1:

I ain't even gotta tell u how Cash Money Roll

I ain't even gotta tell u we ballin outta control

Cause we do shows all seven days of the week

Top of the line rides flying up and down the street

Any kind of car C.M.B (Cash Money Boy$) boys could claim it

Lexus's, Benz's, & Truck MotorBikes you name it

Rollin all the time gotta get my shine on

Right here got the nine & in my left the PrimeCo Phone

Rap dues I done paid it

I'm on a level that these niggaz Can't fade it

Nigga I been hustlin since twelve I done made it

Rappin off nuthin but Mannie (Mannie Fresh) Beat$

He the greatest, but wait hold up, you ain't heard the latest

Million dollar contract a 150 pages, Not minimum

We makin maximum wages

Let me tell u about bayou classic how we played it

We hit Canal (Canal Street) so deep click so strong

Every vehicle we rode in was on chrome

The Hummer sound had em' jumpin in the SuperDome

We got so much money we gave the bank a credit loan

We go shopping and spend 50 G's at the mall

But that hurt cause Cash Money go still ball

Until We Fall


I ain't even gotta tell u how Cash Money Roll!

I ain't even gotta tell u we ballin outta control!

(Repeat twice)

Verse 2:

I'm a baller, drive cars with big rims

Leather seats, sound bumpin all in your ears

The dress code: t-shirts, Ree's (Reebok Soldiers) & Bauds (Girbauds)

It's 98, my money stack it don't fold

I'm a livin legend, havin fire weed sessions

Hide your bitch cause I will have in my possession

I'm top notch, it ain