Bling Bling (radio Remix)


featuring Big Tymers, Hot Boys

Verse:1 (Baby of Big Tymer$)

Man I got these broads iceing it up

While my lil B.G.s on the bus puttin' out cigarette butts

But me personally playboy I done had bad luck

And I'm a always show love to my cut

Hit tha club light tha lights up

The Cash Money motto is to drank 'til you throw up

Point the broad out guaranteed I can pluck

Cause Wodie I'm tattooed and barred up

Medallion iced up

Rolex bezelled up

And my pinky ring is platinum plus

Earrings be trillion cut

And my grill be slugged up

My heart filled with anger lost, stranded as a youngster

Stack my chesse up

Cuz oneday I'm a give this street life up

Beef I don't discuss

Wodie outta line wodie gone get his head bust

Cash Money millionaires plus

Don't touch broad if you can't pluck the broad

Twenty inches with t.v.'s is a must

By the year two thousand Lil' Wayne gone tear this game up

Verse:2 (Lil' Wayne of Bot Boy$)

Boss B, slow down in the Jag you lost me

You know how I flow the new Rose Royce B

The number one ripper, dippin low low

In a compressor sippin mo-mo

Spend a lotta cheddar, look

My click couldn't be betta

I'm married to C.M.R. baby

Love it or leave it

Drop drops with it's hot

Strech hummer's when it's not

Light up the whole block when

You glance at my watch

It's Wayne baby, thugged out won't change baby

I do you thang lady, in a blue navigaty (navigator)

That's game baby, you can call me a game shotter

But since i drive a bubble people call me Lex Lurger

I pull up in a expedition they be like ah n