Play'n It Raw


featuring Hot Boys

[Talking] B.G.

I don't play

Shit real nigga

This cut throat gotta play it raw

Verse:1 Lil' Turk

Gettin' killed aint no thang in the N.O.

Some people live some people get smoked

Life trap get crossed up by them dog hoes

Like shit get masked out over dog hoes

Really doe

Bullet holes be so big

Innocent bystanders get hit even little kids

Niggas be lookin' like they at a shootin' range

Don't give a fuck who they hittin' they just do they thang

Bullets be coastin' like birds in a flock

Hit yo block

With camouflage nigga gone get got

A hundred shots flippin' you can get away

Gettin' chopped losin' they life by the A.K.

Everyday niggas at war niggas dyin'

Thats yo ass if you don't have it on yo waste line

Kickin' N.O.playin' by no rules realah

Like B.G. whatever you do its all on you realah

Verse:2 Juvenile

It musta been meant for me ta be rich

Only my dead niggas could of live to see this

I appreciate what the lord gave to me

But I don't appreciate is how these niggas be hatin' me

What is it is it the car is it the jewels

Is it the shoes

Or do you want to see what a nigga gone do

I know a nigga plottin' up ta jack me

Or nab me

Thats why when I ride on my lap be

The strap piece

Don't try ta jam one tha oneway dawg

Look cuz you aint gettin' away without no gunplay fall

You gone be in a hospital a.k.a. we never close

In a morge with a tag on yo toe

Believe this fuck with me I aint gone let it go

I'm a preach this up until the moment i'm on momo

I follow my first rhyme cuz at no secon