Let's Get Funky


featuring Lil' Wayne


Choppers with drums

Nigga thats how it comes

Assualt rifles, extended clips

Let you know where I'm from

The names chopper city

It's a city of niggas bout gettin funky wit' me

Keep they fingers on triggers

Let's roll wit' a pistol i get out of control

It's your family i put on rows, front row

I'ma 223 grabber

Bust or block hitter

Project kidnapper

Rookie nigga wig splitter

Make copies for the rapture

It's all on u nigga

Oh, i'm comin for the capture

What you wan' do nigga

Mystikals who I'm after

Grab yo' steel and shoot

I'ma kill ??? rapper

Lil Wayne, he bout it too

I'ma snatch if you got it

Told ya before ta' hide it

Told ya if you hide it

It's a must that I find it

Ride or die bitch

Chop or get chopped hoe

B.G. split or get split

Play tha game how it go

Shootin tha drop somethin'

Glock or pop somethin'

AK wit' fifty shots

I tote it too stop somethin'

Make it happen you's the punk

I'll put you in the trunk

??? ???? you dunk nigga I bring funk


Lil Wayne: Lets get funky wit' these niggas

B.G.: Grab the triggas and blast

Lil Wayne: Lets get filthy wit' these niggas

B.G.: Take they figures and dash

Lil Wayne: Lets get serious with these niggas

B.G.: Grab the K's and bust, it's ten for one trust

Lil Wayne: Retaliation Must

Lil Wayne:

Ah ah

Don't run yo' mouth enough for you to get back in me

My gun clap ?? start spinnin' and take m