The Rack


In the dungeon

Deep under ground

A morbid fear

Palpitations, unbearable pound

Footstep outside the stairway

Executioners's arrival

A sinister procession

Grim macabre tribunal

Heretical pervert

Inexorable judge

The sentence is death

By the grace of the church

Inside the torture chamber

The smell of blood and pain

Iron is glowing in pits of fire

Instruments of the insane

The Rack: Altar of blood

The Rack: Altar of pain

Suffocate in blood

Bones pulverized

Mutilated tissue


Sawed off limbs


Human leftovers

A smouldering mess

Atrocious perfomance

Methods of madness

Inside the torture chamber

Instruments covered with stains

The rack has taken his victim

Beyond the boundaries of pain