Marching Towards The Styx


From the deepest darkness of the spiritual dimensions

It came to proclaim the word of death

Darkness in all its blackened glory

Powerful and fulminate against the world of the living

The extinction of gods creatures and mortal paradise

Without any sanctified and compromises it achieved its goal

With the tools of devastation bringing the earth to roar

To conquer the weak and unbelievers, the strong and believers

Corrupting the minds of the mortals and tasting their freezing souls

The nightly frost will slowly devour their emotions

Yet the power of aggression will forever stay in their minds

As it is the only way to get hold of their upcoming intentions

Hear the rage and experience its presence

While roaming through wastelands of terror

Fear shall live on in every human soul

As the shrouded entity is gathering the bewilderd pale faces

While marching towards the styx...