Food For The Ignorant


Two religions both so wrong

but both will preach they'll make you strong

one means evil, the order good

terms I never quite understood

two opponents with so much in common

the choice is yours, angel or demon

Holy or unholy, written in black and white

theories coming from books of dirty lies

different views on life, the magic word is fear

two sides simplicity. Am I satan? Am I God?

Idolatry that's floating on rivers filled with blood

history covered with hypocrisy and pain

the souls of unawareness are what they want to gain

Sacrifices, ceremonies, desecrations

tranquility, blasphemy, desperation

divinity, impiety, indoctrination

afterlife, eternity, mind consumption

Food for the ignorant

for those who do not know

but I learned enough in life

to see right through your show

Hold your flock in a sacred embrace

forbidden pleasures for the bastard race

glorification on the supreme mind

suffering redeemer, saviour of mankind

hollow words from a church that's almost dead

empty views out of an empty satanic head

I get sick from hearing all your shit

I believe what I want and I'll stick to it

no one in this world can make me change my ways

why don't you fuck off if you're got nothing to say