Slaughtered In Sodom


the masses are going to battle

and as we learn from history now

they'll all die tor nothing and nobody even cares

slaughtered in sodom

living your life on a battlefield

where no one knows your name

your head blown off by a thousand guns

to me it makes no sense

rage burning inside, and sometimes it explodes

now I got blood on my hands, I kill tor no reason at all

blood is my fuel, violence an urge and not a goal

in my own private sodom, the bloodshed never ends

two minutes to midnight, everything will go fast

you'll never know what hit you,

but this breath will be your last

god and satan are no opposites

they're one inside your mind

you can worship both or none

it doesn't change who you are

because sodom is a place far away in your mind

where pleasure and pain are united

sodom is here

take my hand and fly away

to the dark realms of ignorance

there's no way you can deny

that you've been ignorant too

in worshipping something that only exists

in your own mind