For They Ascend...


Where silence reigns and blackened is the day

Lurking deep down in a watery grave

An entity awaits its hundreth prey

As its only satisfaction is to maim

Many trophies, proving its skill

Disturbing the peace of a quite day

Or to strike at a stormy, rough night

Cutting the life-string and they'll bleed to death

It sneaks up from the cold depths of the upmost darkness

With patience, restrained bloodlust, yet eager to defy

Silent and determinated to reach out, cut-throat

Unsuspected, invisible, waiting, nocturnal curse

Prey in sight, lust for attack

The time has come to strike with strength

Releasing the harbringers of doom

Following their trail towards death

A violent explosion, disintegrated to the core

Debris descending from the darkened sky

Breaking of the spine, bursting of the skin

Another kill has been made