Back Into Eternity


Hazy prospects, londing for established order

The valleys are calling, fallen into oblivion

To reign and flourish at own environs

No settled conceptions, defined to earthly criteria

Shrouded in mystery, considering the return

To the depths, where the quick won't be allowed

Taken possession of souls and lost spirits

The evil task is fulfilled, needless to prolong the stay

Satisfied, the return has begun

To the valleys, the foretold shelter of evil

Assigned by the inexplicable symptoms

Roaming through the vast darkness

Searching, groping after the hidden passage

Despairing yet resolute

Longing for established order

To reign and flourish at own environs

Actuated by the intuition of beasts

Guided by the commission of evil

Now disappearing back into eternity

A release and relief for the terrestrial life

Back into eternity ...