Serenade In Lead


I am the heritage

from the years of corruption

I'm on the intelligence side

I have no identity or nationality

I'm the one who chances the tide

I've got no real name

revolution is my game

and there will be mercy to none

I'm like the pest

I will never rest

'til all the cleaning is done

I am the nightmare of all systems

the anger burns deep

a perfect killing machinery

hey Mr. President get some sleep

Hijacking in the east

a murder in the west

for the good cause it's all justified

A killing in the north

a bombing in the south

another couple of bastards died

no negotiations

or worthless conventions

I throw over regimes by force

I'll butcher world leaders

with arms that they feed us

and no one can stop this man's war

I'll tear apart your society

change the course of history

time to break their passivity

end their bullshit diplomacy

Just ice, terror, reforming the world

raging fury burning every state

bullets, mines, explosions, bombs and guns

gonna make them eat their nude-ar waste

I am the annihilator

I control the detonator

smiling as I push it down

I blow up your embassies

undermine democracies

I even will hunt for the british crown

I precisely aim

at the life that I claim

the bullet will enter the head

confusion all around

but I will not be found

world near my serenade in lead