M.s. Bismark


Her name it means power

her silhouette brings fear

no mercy for the dreadnaught

when the sight at sea is clear

she's defying every dancer

through mist, ice and snow

dominates the oceans

and its depths below

She spreads terror and death

when her cannons spit lead

she the ruler at sea

gladiator of steel

In a dark and misty night

she went for open sea

slipping through the allied maze

whose radar couldn't see

now the deadly game begun

with the home flee on her tail

and in the demonstration

she sank the hood and the prince of waves

Steaming on with dignity

continuing her mission

enjoying every victory

reloading the cannons

Solem iron majesty

goddess of destruction

with her banners high

to the last confrontation

Seventy-one torpedos

couldn't sank the battleship

The Bismarck become

ruderless because of one lucky hit

She was to proud to bow

sunken by her own crew

now the glory lives on

gladiator of steel