Emperors Of Salvation


Imprisoned in imaginative walls

Stoical glances reach no destination

Fallacy, looking for salvation

Points of contact are missing for an etemaly

Bearing the everlasting pain

Hatred and anger, self-respect is frozen

Fearing what's to come

Agonized by mental disillusion

Dilapidated and declined

Is this life or life's destiny

Waiting for that particular salvation

Which can make everything forget

Emperors of salvation

Death is to one's hand

Just a simplistic solution

Surviving is the driving force

But surviving is a hopeless cause

Narrow-minded thoughts far from clean

Completely turned inside oneself, nothing surmised

Mankind's necessity to live is only a side-issue

Waiting for that partcular salvation

Freed from this life of misery

Taken by the emperors of salvation

To commit the body to the ground

Disposed by the ghost of death

The soul will roam eternally