Indulge In Frenzy


A deadly perfection, skilled to kill

Draining the blood of the ones who resist

Our only aim is crushing

The damned must be wiped off the earth

Ruling by aggression, abstract vicious world

Our means are weapons created to kill

Insanity is the only way out

Uncontrolled and efficient causing the red lust

Through the speed of light we move in hellish rapture

Ignoring the rules of compassion made by mortals

Denying life, back to bestial basics

Decline of humanity, profane way of acting

(The)gods won't approve our acts, blasphemy of human doctrines

Marching with the breath of death, no life will be spared

The scourge of all, the bringers of hate, the flames are clearing our path

While spreading a hail of lead, laughing, smiling, joking

Cleansing our souls with the blood of the dead

Lust for carnal deeds

Mutilating hostile thoughts and acts, our ranks are decreasing

The few who live are outcasts of darkness