Toe Jam


Pick your partner, nice and tight

'Cause we'll do more than dance tonight

Now promenade that's how it goes

You bucks beware of dosie dose

Dosie dose

Allemande in and allemande out

Hip your partner, make her shout

Make her shout

Back to the front or side to side

Tip your cap and come inside

Down with her fishnets up with her skirt

Dig a little deeper till ya hit paydirt

Toe Jam

Checkin' out her bedspan takin' it slow

Honey does your pussy scratch, don't you wanna know?

Up to the ceiling, down to the floor

If she rattles her heels ya know she wants more

Till she wants more

Right leg up, left leg down

Third leg out and shake it all around

Boys on bottom, girls on top

Dance all night never gonna stop

Toe Jam

Ladies choice, now choose your beau

Show 'em everything you know

Bow to the west, bow to the east

Bend for the guy that you love best

That you love best

Girls out front, boys behind

Don't be shy to bump and grind

Sweep the lady off her feet

Swing her around to the bouncing beat

Ladies in the centre, now gents take care

Hold her down, don't let her rear

Dip and dive, you're on your own

Bow to your partner and drive her home!