Stop Me


When you see me you can't resist

You want my name on your telephone list

In your dreams and on your mind

Tonight's the night I could make you mine

Later on just me and you

I could make your dreams come true

You say for you I'm number one

Just meeting me is such fun

Oh no, you won't go, don't know what you're missin

You say, you won't stay, you stop me when we're kissin

Stop me when we're kissin

You come backstage to talk awhile

I wanna party 'cause that's my style

Young & tight you're what I need

Your fantasies I wanna feed

So come with me, back to my place

You know you've got such a pretty face

I'll show you how it is to be

Hanging around with a rocker like me

Tellin me you've gotta run

Cuttin out before the damage is done

Come on babe that ain't no fun for me

Cuttin down ain't where it's at

You're just a tease and that's a fact

No more talk it's going nowhere

And neither are you, you just sit and stare

Time to go I'll say goodbye

I thought I saw tears in your eyes

You watch me leave in my limousine

And you go home to your poster dreams