Racial Hostility


Have you heard that Pakis stink

Jews are cheap, bad drivers are Chink

Have you heard that Spics will steal

Japs are sneaks, a Gypsy's deal

Racial hostility

I get disgusted by all of this biggotted crap

I get revolted time after time

Racial hostility, a henious crime

Love to hate, hate to love

Racial hostility

Love to hate, hate to love

Have you heard that Injuns drink

Niggers are bad and breed like mink

Have you heard that Wops lay brick

Greeks pump ass, an Irish mick

Racial hostilty

Repugnant and ignorant, bad to the core

I just don't want to hear no more

I get disgusted by things people say

Take your hatred and go away

I'm getting sick of the news

Neo Nazis still hate Jews

How many blacks are in jail

How can we help but fail

Don't tell me we can't make it right

Why should we have to fear the night