Your mommy always said don't take those boys to bed

It might feel good today but in 9 months you'll pay

I know it's your first time I'm gonna make you feel just fine

You say you never did and you're really unprepared

Don't you worry, don't you fret

I've got a method that ain't thought of yet

Put it in and pull it out

Slap it on your back and watch it spout

I don't think you'll mind if I take ya from behind

Get you on your hands and knees, put your mind at ease

Feel the throbbing what a treat as the wax begins to heat

I think it's almost there, gonna pull it out with care

Backwaxed, backwaxed, you're being backwaxed

Backwaxed, backwaxed, you're being backwaxed

Ow, I think things are coming through

??? looks good on you

Now the shine is on your back

Feel the heat of the wax attack