School Love


Out in the school yard little Peaches play

Rubbing their beaves, they got a lot to say

Never doing work, teachers are mad

Really don't care 'cause they're never sad

Little school Peaches take a word from me

Got to do your work and that's the way to be

School Love

School Love

Caught in the can having some fun

Teachers on the prowl now you gotta run

Underneath the stairs safety for awhile

Feeling each other 'cause that's your style

Now that you are caught, caught in the act

Gonna be strapped and that's a fact

Keeping you apart, watching all the time

Punishment is due for a lover's crime

All you little girls have a lot to fear

Knowing your principal is so near

Doing it again, breaking all the rules

Teachers are coming, they're no bunch of fools