Hot Child


I've been searching a long time

For a girl just like you

When I saw you, I could tell then

All my dreams had come true

You came a-cruisin' into my life

I was ready for a change

I knew you were a hot girl

So I asked your name

You said it don't matter

Take me with you tonight

We'll hit the town and we'll party

Make sure I'm home before light

So we went cruisin' together

We had one hell of a time

That lady and I tore up the town

You know she blew my mind

We hit all the night spots

You know the music was intense

Lights reflected in her eyes

In the room the smoke was dense

I took her back to my place

You know she felt just fine

I started coming on to her

In seconds she was mine

Morning sun shone in her hair

You know she sure looked wild

I could really tell then

She was a Hot Child

Make sure, make sure I'm home before light