Secret Agent


You make a living by being a spy

Up for hire as a private eye

Covert operation, tap a telephone

Hack into a hard drive, you re on your own

The fear of death is what keeps you alive

A deadly mission you must survive

You lurk in shadows, darkness a friend

The lies begin and never end

It's not for glamour and it's not for fame

You have a number, not a name

You take your chances out on a limb

You make your chances not on a whim

Secret agent, your law is a gun

Secret agent, you trust no one

Secret agent, a man in black

Secret agent, a gun at your back

Got to get away with what you can

Got to make a secret plan

Secret agent man!

Truth is out there, you know it s a lie

Trust no one, if you do you die

Government deployed, what s at stake?

Double agent out on the take

Charged with treason, secrets to sell

Signed in blood, a contract with hell

Followed orders, no questions asked

Suicide mission, could be your last

Secret agent, nothing to do

Secret agent, the cold war is through

Secret agent, it's espionage

Secret agent, it's sabotage