You've tried them all from big to small

But no one's turned your crank

You're here tonight to get done right

I'm gonna fill your tank

Pull in the bay it's your lucky day

Get up on the hoist

From underneath we'll tool and grease

Gonna get you moist

What I see just can't be

Have to work you overtime

Gonna line you up and prime you up

Make you run so fine

Lift the hood if you know what's good

I wanna spark the gap

Fuel injection - no infection

Clean right to the cap

Ride the clutch Motormount

Drive all night

Grind the gears Motormount

Hold on tight

Motormount (drive all night)

Motormount (drive all night)

Dip my wrench into your stench

And twist the nuts up tight

Anticipate, Accelerate

And torque with all my might

Manifold - Got to hold

Transmission - Hydraulic spin

High speed ride - Power Glide

Can't survive overdrive

Pistons screaming, Rings are seizing

Think your valves are gone

Start to tire, then backfire

No longer can go on

Overheating - you're peaking

Start steamin' - watch you blow

High speed ride - Power Glide

Can't survive overdrive

Motormount (drive all night)