Green Jesus


Anything for money is the philosophy today

It's become a religion, God is pay.

No matter what your colour, race or your cree

All for the love of money, living ain't for free

"Money makes the world go round" is what I've heard them say

Bowing to your paper God, screwing anyone in your way

The problem is that no one cares, it's become a diety

The root of all evil, melting down society

Green Jesus - let us pray

Green Jesus

Money can't buy happiness is what the rich believe

Poverty stricken homeless are sleeping in the street

The power and the money seem to go hand in hand

This popular religion is the king of the land

Dollars, Yen

Liras, Marks and Pesos, money to spend

Rubels, Francs and Kronen, moeny to lend

In fortune or poverty we all will survive

Social assistance seems to keep as alive

Criminal activity is rampant in the street

Who is God and what religion do you believe?

Dollars, Yen

Sheckels, Pounds and Guilders, money to spend