You were standing in your favourite light

You thought you were hot thought that you were tight

I've seen you and I know your type

I know you'll be at the party tonight

Scenery, that's all you are to me

Scenery, that's all you'll ever be

Dyed blonde hair makeup packed on thick

The way you look could make your mother sick

Gave me that look that I've seen before

Give up babe I find your type a bore

Nothin to say but you said a lot

And in the end that's what you got

You think you're special but I can't agree

Your empty lines don't make it with me

Made the party like I knew you would

Tried to impress me like you thought you could

It's all a game but I know the rules

Girls like you are backstage fools

Took from you all I could take

Your being here is a big mistake

Your empty lines got you a ticket to fly

And I've decided to say goodbye