At The Apartment


You give me love everynight

I'm the one that does it right

At your place in the dark

You get down and leave your mark

In the morning you're still awake

You look at me there's time to wait

You say you love the things I do

You can't stop until I'm through

You need a rest from me

When you need it you know where I'll be

You know there's no time to waste

Come on over I'll give you a taste

When you're with me it feels so right

Come with me and stay the night

You're the girl of my dreams

I want to tell you how much it means

You're the one I want so bad

I've been around, you're the best I've had

I love you baby, stay a while

I made you happy, you made me smile

You gave me the hint

At the apartment

Oooh yeah, at the apartment baby