Variety Tonight

REO Speedwagon

If ever you think you miss the thrill of the chase

Or just get tired of the same old face

I can be different honey, I can be new

Want someone else, I can be that too

Chorus: Whoa-oh, gonna make you feel right, honey if you want it, variety tonight

Whoa-oh, gonna make you feel right, honey you got it, variety tonight

The faces of love have their smiles and frowns

And every romance has its ups and downs

There are cases when love has been less than sweet

Love without hate is a little like light without heat


And the fire will fade if you forget it

'Cause love can't live unless you let it

Whoa, you gotta try just a little harder with the passin' days

You got to find some new ways, ow!


chorus repeats out...

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