REO Speedwagon

Cool as the water melting from the winter snows

You are the island I've been looking for

I don't know where you come from

But I can feel you comin on

You're a storm inside my soul

That's ragin out of control

Call the wind out

Call out the thunder

Oh lightning, only you can will the weather

I said come on

Won't ya come on?

Lightning you're mine

Tonight, tonight

You caught me while I was sleepin

Restin from a heavy run

I saw you in your evening gown

You were lighting up the sky

No matter what tomorrow brings

Lightning, your mine tonight

Woah, lightning your mine tonight

Crack the horizon

Only you can split the night

Then comes your mother cloud to take you away

Another wind will dry me

And the sun will make me warm

But to me my life will always be

The calm before the storm




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