Let Me Ride

REO Speedwagon

I've been on the road now for a day and a night

I've been lonesome and hungry for miles

I've seen how you people been lookin your lies

I'm gonna kill y'all with your own smiles

But I wish that y'all could get a look at the news

And see what the man's puttin down

Well I gotta hold a one yesterday night

And they threw me outta this town, oh yeah

Well it's gonna be awhile before I get home

But when I do that's the end of my roamin

Cause I've been gone a lifetime and I can't believe

That the people I trust still can deceive

By the time I get back here things have to change

Cause if they don't there's gonna be alot of strange

Lookin people marchin round, clappin their hands

And they won't stop till everyone understands

Oh yeah

Let me ride, let me ride

Let me ride now, let me ride now, yeah

Livin's just like sleepin

Why is life not like a dream

Now the dawn is weepin

Another sunlight sees

Oh I've been here too long now

I got to go outside

Ya people gotta let me ride

Let me ride, ride, ride

I got to feel free inside (4x)


Ya people gotta let me ride

Let me ride, ride, ride

I gotta feel free inside (4x)

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