Go For Broke

REO Speedwagon

My life is runnin like a stock car race

High speed and lots of curves

Keep the pedal to the metal, win or lose

But don't lose your nerve

Some people live in fear

If you can call that living

I'm gonna keep my ass in gear

And take the chance I'm given

I'm gonna go for broke, play to win

Do or die, just don't give in

Take a shot, roll the dice

Don't look back, just go for broke

My love is spinning like a steering wheel

Just grab it and hold on tight

Feel the power in your hands

Take me right to the edge tonight

Some people love in vain

If you can call that lovin

So let's hit the streets again

It's all or nothin


Standing on the razor's edge

But I'm not going under

Every night I'm on the line

Livin like my days are numbered

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