Accidents Can Happen

REO Speedwagon

There's a side of you, could bring on homicide

But livin' in a cell changes my view

Maybe your automobile could lose its right front wheel

It happens every day, it could be you

Look back over your shoulder, when you think you're alone, you're not

Each noise, every shadow, look out!


Accidents can happen, it's always in the news

Accidents can happen to you

You read it in the paper, you see it on the tube

Accidents can happen

To you

A little Haitian doll, that looks a lot like you do

A little powdered poison in your tea

Electricity, invisible to see, I'd like to introduce you to Mr. E

A malfunction, who would notice, machines and things get hot

A permanent vacation can be bought

chorus - look out!


Accidents can happen, accidents can happen, accidents can happen to you

chorus - accidents can happen, accidents can happen - look out!

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