REO Speedwagon

How did we end up ending up this way

I always thought that we could work it out

At times I wondered if we'd last out the day

But my love was always stronger

Stronger than my doubt

Then here we are, are we running out of time?

We've come so far to leave it all behind

But that's how I feel

I wanna know how you feel

I'd walk all night for you baby

Stand in the pourin rain

But you gotta meet me baby, half way

You know that I don't wanna give up

Do anything to make you stay

But you gotta meet me baby, half way

I couldn't tell you what you meant to me

I kept those feelings hidden far away

And hoped that you could tell by looking at me

Now you know what you needed

Is too late to say....

That I love you more than I ever knew I could

And I need you now like I never thought I would


I thought about livin my life without you

In this cold, cold world

Well I'm no man of steel

But I'd walk on fire for you

That's just how I feel


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