Good Trouble

REO Speedwagon

Babe, I'm gettin' the message it's finally comin' through

After the show I'll get a hold of you

Baby, I've got your number and I remember your name

And I've got a feelin' I know why you came


So let's get in some good trouble tonight

Get ourselves in deep

We can stay awake and dance all night

We can always sleep

Don't let them tell you it's a mortal sin

Cus' I know it's alright

And if your mama asks you where you've been

You've been in some good trouble all night

I'll be here again next year, and there you'll be again

And I'll barely know half the places I've been

But I can almost remember, so it was almost real

I never know how I'm going to feel


Good trouble all night

Good trouble's all right

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