Give Me A Ride (roller Coaster)

REO Speedwagon

Give me a ride on your roller coaster

Give me a thrill, I can't help feelin' bored

Give me a dime to call my baby closer

'Cause I'm alone, I'm feelin' bored

I can't help thinking I'm ignored

I've been away far too long to recall

Just what it's like to be among my friends

Give me a pill to ease my nervous tension

'Cause I can't hardly see the end

I long to be among my friends

I've been on the road for too long, I don't know

I'm walking around and I don't know where to go.

Well I'm half-crazed and I don't know who to be

Won't you please! Help me please!

Won't you please! I long to be at ease!

Give me a ride on your magic carpet

Take me away from this mediocrity

What must I do to get me feeling better

I guess it all boils down to me

Responsibility's on me

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