Love To Hate

REO Speedwagon

Love is a positive vibration

With love you find the good in a bad situation

Everybody's gonna need a helping hand

It don't really matter where you stand

You're gonna need someone to lean on

Hate is a constant inflammation

A fire that's built on fear and frustration

One man's heaven is another man's hell

Every story has got two sides to tell

Don't let anybody pull you under

Some people just love to hate

They criticize when they can't relate

Some people don't love, they just love to hate

Some people can hardly wait

To tear down what you create

Cause some people don't love, they just love to hate

Somebody attacks without a reason

He's just trying to drag you down in the hole that he's in

Why are people so negative

I think that everybody ought to just live and let live

We could use a little understanding


I guess some people been pushed around

Now they're trying to even it up by putting somebody else down

I believe that things can only get better

When everybody learns to live together

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