Rock And Roll Star

REO Speedwagon

I was just a boy when the river ran dry

And I can still remember my mama cry

She said "Son leave as fast as you can

But don't waste your life in this rock 'n' roll band"

I saw the light and left as fast as I could

I knew deep down it was gonna do me good

So I threw my Fender in an old friend's car

I knew I'd come home a rock n'roll star

So we hit the road but the road hit back

We thought we'd take the world with a hit and run attack

Now I'm center stage but it feels bizarre

Despite new cars and caviar

An overnight success created by the press

But they'll eat you up if you show them any stress

So I lick my wounds and I hide my scars

The whole world thinks I'm a rock n' roll star

Rock 'n' roll star, rock 'n' roll star

That's what they call you

That's not what you are

Rock 'n' roll star, rock 'n' roll star

I still wanna be a rock 'n' roll star

So we got a break in our whirlwind tour

I called home said I'm comin home for sure

I'm tired of hurry up, make the plane, jump in the car

I'm home on loan, I'm a rock 'n' roll star

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