Let's Be-bop

REO Speedwagon

Suddenly it happened,

here we are with all this glory

We never thought for a minute,

that we were writin a story

We took our chances,

somehow we held it together

And now I feel there is justice,

I always new there was

I love the warmth of the spotlight

I need the sound of the people screamin'

Here we are to bring down the ceiling

Wanna give you a real good feelin'

Later on when it's over

We will think of you and remember

You're the ones who gave us the glory

Just want to tell you that


It's great to, to be with you

Been a long time but we love you

Don't stop, let's be-bop tonight

Do you remember the last time?

We remember the last time

Everything was cool,

we had a celebration, yeah

We had a celebration,

let's bring the feeling back again

Come on closer,

just got to tell ya that

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