I'll Follow You

REO Speedwagon

Late one night on a road in Texas

I pulled into an all-night cafe

What's my pleasure? Well ma'am the fact is, I don't know

Sat down next to a "Rajun' Cajun"

A black haired beauty from New Orleans

Did my duty can I buy you a drink dear

She said "Please"


(So) we rolled right along,

And the night got long

So I said how would you like it to be?

Then she sang her song

Said "If I come along

You must find a place in your heart for me"

I was lost on a road to nowhere

And asked if she was goin' my way

She was late for a date with no one

(So) please don't leave

She'd just left a love that was dying

And had no plans of goin back

I caught her eyes as she was crying

"Let's make tracks"

Bridge Chorus

She said, "I'll follow , I'll follow you on your dare

Your eyes say something, your heart better care

You're lost and you're lonely, I've been to long there

So I'll follow, I'll follow you...anywhere

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