Can't Get You Out Of My Heart

REO Speedwagon


Can't get you out of my heart, can't get you out of my soul

When I get next to you, all I get is out of control

Can't get you out of my head, I've memorized every word you ever said

You've been here from the start, can't get you out of my heart

Sometimes I feel like breakin' up with you

I'm tired of bein' true, tired of bein' blue

Still you're the one I give my best love to

No other girl would do the things to me you do, and I


Sometimes I think I might be better off free

No strings attached to me, yeah that's how it should be

But just about the time that I get goin'

You read me like a poem, you keep me comin' home, and I


I look at you sometimes, I see the woman I love

But I can be so blind, the good times I sometimes lose sight of

chorus repeats 2x

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