Shit On You (censoured)


Eminem: (x4)

I'll sh*t on you

Da da da da


I'll sh*t on you

I will sh*t

I'll sh*t on you

Girl, you know

I'll sh*t on you

B**** or man

I'll sh*t on you

I will sh*t

Verse 1


I remain fatter than gluttony

Tapin bombs to the back of record companies

Blow em up if they ain't want me

The National Guard, they scared to hunt me

I love beef, I got you h**s duckin me

A d*** thief

B**** I take your m********

These slugs will keep yo a** away from my corner

I drown n****s, in 100-degree saunas

You can act a fool if you wanna (B****!)

It's this lyrical pirhana

Strapped wit a grenade in a pool wit yo mama

Attack her by the legs then I pull her to the bottom

Twist the n** up like a condom

Slap it if you f****s got a problem

When I see em, you h**s endin up in a f***in maussoleum

Or hidden in the trunk of a black and gold BM

Pull in the garage while you screamin

Keep the motor on when I'm leavin

I'll sh*t on you

Chorus: (Eminem)

I will sh*t on you, I don't care who you are

(I'll sh*t on you)

I don't give a f*** about you or your car

(I'll sh*t on you)

F*** your house, f*** your jewellery and f*** your watch

(I'll sh*t on you)

F*** your wife, f*** your kids f*** your family

I'll sh*t on you

Verse 2


I'm a clcoholic, with the f***in toilet

Pass the hot dogs (Em: Bizarre, aren't you Islamic?)

B****, shut your f***in mouth

I'ma keep eatin til Richard Simmons comes to my house

Wit a chainsaw to cut me out

My f***in wifes mad, I haven't sex since I met her

To busy f***in a [12] year old babysitter

And all women ain't sh*t

Only good for cookin, cleanin, suckin d***

And that's it

I'm responsible for killin John Candy

Got Jonbenet Ramsey in my 98 camry

I don't give a f*** who you are

I sh*t on anybody

Truly yours, The Idiotic Bizarre