I don't wanna go to school.. I don't need no education

I don't wanna be like you.. I don't wanna save the nation

I just wanna live my life.. everyday a celebration

One day I'ma leave this world.. I wait for the revelation


I wanna kill myself! I'm still debatin

In front of a baptist church, masturbatin

Prayin to Satan - think I'm crazy cause I smoke crack

live on (?) in a two-family flat? (Fuck it)

Tired of gettin hit in the face with a broom

My moms on her period, my dad's in my room (Daddy no!)

I got ten rocks and I need to get out

I told him in five minutes, out my own damn mouth (Moms smoke crack)

My poor grandmother, God bless her soul

The bitch got AIDS (aww) she just waitin to die of a cold (hahaha)

There's three things that keep me from bein a Nazi

I'm black, a fag, and my dad's Liberace

[Kon Artis]

No matter how bad the beatin, I went to school cheatin

My dad whooped my ass at a PTA meetin

Stick with school I had to have nuts just to do it

Got bored and became truant

When I had the gall to go I just couldn't do it

I was lured into corners by the peer pressure shit

How would you feel if you was held by the tip of a barrel

Gettin threatened to get your skin ripped to bone marrow

Bet suburban kids never got rushed for their apparel

like me, outcast, last in class

First to leave, when the teacher called on me

Best believe I had somethin up my sleeve


I've been praised and labelled as crazed

My mother was unable to raise me, full of crazy rage

An angry teenager, nothin can change me back

Gangsta rap made me act like a maniac

I was boostin, so influenced by music I used it

as an excuse to do shit, ooh I was stupid

No one can tell me nothin hip-hop overwhelmed me

to the point where it had me in a whole 'nother realm

It was like isolatin myself was healthy

It felt like we was on welfare but wealthy

Compelled me to excel in school, it failed me