Shit Can Happen



shit can happen

shit can happeeen

shit can happen

shit can happeeen

shit can happen

shit can happeeen

shit can happen

shit can happeeen

[Kon Artis]

Yo, that's right motherfuckers we back

Same slanging


Wilding out on hoodrats that say I act

Like I'm too famous

To say hi and tell 'em what My Name Is

But really I'm still nameless

You niggas don't get it yet do you?

Kill or not

Platinum or flop

I'll still put it through you

With a luger that'll spit fire

And hit higher

Than a pitch by a bitch like Mariah

You think for one second since we got a deal

That we won't deal with you in front of St. Andrew's still

You gay rappers better learn that

I won't stop until I see 'em turn back

If you don't slow that road you pack

You gon' see these Runyan Ave. niggas

That really need some Prozac

To show that ask the others

Brigade'll lay you down

Next to your mother's mother's grandmothers


You know I'm feeling real rowdy tonight

Ready to fight

And half the niggas I give DAT to

I don't even like

The same cat who never gave a damn about your name

I gives a fuck about it

Like the next L.A. Clippers game

I'll kill you in ways you couldn't even fathom

You ain't a madam

It's really unexplainable how I have 'em

Who call theyselves screaming about a challenge

Nigga we got a gift while you barely making it off of mere talent

My skills are deeply imbedded

Even your hoe said it

She was knock-kneed

I fucked her now she bow-legged

In the middle of rapping I drop the mic

And have a stare down and jump in the crowd and start scrapping

Kuniving Kon Artis my nigga we get it cracking

While the paramedics pick you up we on the side laughing

[Chorus: Kon Artis] (x2)

(shit can happen)

This ain't funny so don't you dare laugh

(shit can happeeen)