Na-na-na-na-na ay yo dawg, i got some shit on my mother fucking chest that...i needa get off cuz...if i dont im gonna fuckin explode, or look this is the story about some little fuckin girls that i know it goes like this:
its so easy for me to make enemys anymore is sickening, people are lookin for an excuse to jump on my shit list, stickin' their noses in shit that isnt none of their business, i never asked, cared, gave a fuck or wanted opinions. but now im in the position that, i dont wanna be in shit...i never had no beef with you corny son of a bitches, but now the shit is broken you cant do nothin to fix it, so im tellin you right now motha fucker LIMP ima be real, be real was real, he didnt say shit the whole time me and whitey was beefin, see, he chilled, he wuz cool with the whole situation and kept it nuetral, i'd have never involved my crew if it wasnt for pupils, peoples, whatever your back packin sypherin' name is, had i not opened that magizine and seen what you sayin' in it, i'd have never involved you, but u had to add your two pennies, now i gotta go grab my shitlist and add some new enemys, hit the studio, now i'll admit, i had a few in me, fuck it, i roasted you, i ain't mad at you any, but let it be known that song was never realesed, it leaked, i'd have never given you much attention intentionaly, then i look on the tv now look whos mentioning me, that little fuckin weasel, dj lethal, on MTV, after i gave you props on that song, you on national tv talkin about everlasts gonna whip my ass when he sees me? come on dawg, you was supposed to be on that song talkin about how bad you hate it, now you wearin his thong? whats wrong? you scared? and fred, you said you was dissin him too, I SHOULD'VE KNEW BETTER THAN TO LISTEN TO YOU! you fuckin sissy, up on stage screamin how people hate you, they dont hate you, they just think your corny since christina played you, and how dare you motha fuckers try to diss me back, thats a sissy act, and dont call me kissin my ass cuz i swear to god ( i dont know these next few words) im tryin to pre warn you, lethal, when i fuckin see you dawg im swingin on you, motha fuckers must think cuz im in trouble with the law i wont jaw (?) and double it tomorrow
y'all some girls, why do you act this way? ya'll act like fuckin sissys you pussies keep talkin shit behind my back you get some bitches for that, and we all know, how fuckin cowards roll, and fuckin (somethin) who pretend to be down, but as soon as someone calls you out you put your tail between your legs (2X)