6 Reasons



You wish that you could bear me black

D12 standing back

No planning that

Def methods, we got a hand in that

Whoever run this shit

You get a jammed knee cap

Make the healthy get sick

And your fam handicapped

You a fan of rap

My clan attack

Your school, home, your bitch house

Pull my nine milli

You gon' die with your fist out

Him an his

It's over with

Venom is this

cobra spit

Agressive dialect with agressive

Sober bitch

My bionic fires demonish atlonics

Demonic is tainted chronic

Impossible to hold down like vomit

Mics I palm it

You stay to bomb it

Like tourists that's Islamic

I enter your atmosphere like a comet

The new god of rap

Call me nigga Thor

Snap your back

When I slap your ass in a figure four

From miles around they can feel it's lethal

I make hardcore groups like Wu Tang

Look like the Village People (fags)

No sequel

The general let the senistal

Abort your mind state and kill your inner child


It's been a while

Since you bitch niggas heard of me

Cuz the last six months

I been doing R&B

But now I'm on some sick shit

Niggas better duck quick

You don't know who you're fucking with

I'll leave you niggas breathless

Seeing me and Bugz rolling in the blue hummer

You a bitch, scared to shoot like Lindsay Hunter

Don't need to be a father

Cuz I'm just to illmatic

I'll probably poison my kids

Like flowers in the alley

Fuck your anorexic neglects it

Fuck a Lexus

I'm doing drivebys on XXX BMX's


I know a girl who said she's prio

And her sign is a Leo

Bugzy fucked her in a Regal

And then she took me to my P.O.

Fuck rollin' ceelo

I'm down to a c-note

Lost a g' rollin' dice at that punk ass casino

But fuck it (shit) cuz when times get bad

See me and drag with the mags

On unsuspecting fags (bitch)

I gotta shoot