Art Of War



Tired of niggas rapping the same(yea!)

Talking the same (yea!) HAH!

Living in the same place

What style is Proof gonna do this time?(what are you gonna do, Proof?)

Huh, yea, ya really wanna know, huh?(gimme some of that laid back shit)

(don't fuck with Dirty Dozen)

What is he gonna do?

You got niggas who said,

"I'm out, I'm out the door this year"(I'm out the door)

Fuck...all them niggas(no holdin' back)

Fuck *Einstein*

Nigga said me and Bizarre hate each other

Fuck you(fuck you)

Fuck *Lo-Key*

Fuck that nigga(yeah!)

Talking 'bout he battled me and beat me

Fuck you(fuck you)

And when I see you on the streets

I'm in your grill

Ya know what I'm saying?(real shit, hah!)


By the age of aquarius

My mind state was gregarious

Various opponents whose stature was hilarious

Like you

Throwing fairy dust

Then frowning hard on whack chorus

Proof was on the scene before Nat Morris

Cold as a black forest in these starving streets

A garbage heap that was brought

Stars could eat

The nerve of haters

Diss us perging gators

So I spit venom at you through your serve in vegas

The primitive hooligan

None can match that

Blast at your rib cage

Making your spine hatch back

You lack fat tactics

And thoughts of Dexatrim

Whippin' my dick out on nuns

If they say sex is sin

Next to Slim

I'm Shady as a Tetris win

Dirty Dozen solo are respected men

Your local craft

Irritate me like infected skin

The future ain't lookin' the same

Like a neglected twin

Some test the scary

That's unnecessary

To kill your crew, family, your friends

My tech can carry

Knock your paws off sync

Left you flat like a soft drink

Got more styles than Diana Ross swing

Zone like Rick James when he smoke crack

You and Charli Baltimore

Got something in common

Y'all both whack

Proof the king P-I-N

If I ain't the