Rap Game



The rap game, hip-hop 101

The hardest nine to five you'll ever have

You can't remember shit in no history book

You ready to rap motherfucker?

You ready to sell your soul? hahaha

The rap game will fuck you up

[Swifty McVay]

I'ma disrupted nigga, you made me crazy

You shoulda slayed me as a baby

Behavin' shadier than Wes Craven

And you ain't even gotta pay me

I take pleasure of layin' a nigga down daily

You face me, punk it's over, you'll faint fast

I've never fucked up to where I can't whoop ya ass

You'll neck'll get snapped with bare hands, fuck music

Is he rappin'? It's cool but fools, just don't confuse it

What happens: these dudes get rude then I lose it

I'm scandalous, I blow ya two niggas off the atlas

With a gat that's bigger than Godzilla's back nigga

You are not realer, in fact you're feel the effects

Of a crack dealer, y'all presidents since we smacked

And got a mack 10 with it, so I ain't gotta rap

But I'm thankful for that, don't mistakin' me black

Cuz you'll be stankin' in the back of a fuckin' Cadillac


I'ma get snuffed, cuz I ain't said enough to pipe down

I pipe down, when the White House just wiped out

When I see that little Cheney dike get sniped out

Lights out, bitch adios, goodnight

Now put that in ya little pipe and bite down

Think for a minute cuz the hype just died down

That I won't go up in the Oval Office right now

And flip whatever ain't tied down upside down

I'm all for America, fuck the government

Tell that seed to Laura, tell the slut to suck a dick

Motherfuck ducked, what the fuck? son of a bitch

Take away my gun, I'm gonna tuck some other shit

Can't tell me shit about the tricks of this trade

Switchblade, with a little switch to switch blades

And switch from a six to a sixteen inch blade

Shit's like a samurai sword of Cincy

Shit just don't change to this day