[Intro: Eminem]

Bitches always be all... gigglin and shit. (come on BITCH)

but they get mad when there favorite song dont come on in the club.

catch an attitude and shit

we got one for them. goes like this

[Verse 1: Eminem]

we wrote a song for the hoes

You like to hear? here it goes

A little somethin you probably won't hear on the radio

So when it comes on in the club it's one that everyone knows

And if I'm talking to fast it just means you're listening to slow

And if you listen a little faster maybe you'll catch up, Bitch

Jew Ja Jaw Jaw Da Dun Jew Ja

You just made me mess up, Bitch

Bleeb Blab Blah Blah Blah Blah

It don't matter, I'm just blabbering

Like you understand what I'm saying Anyway

I'm just traveling In one ear and I'm out the other

You're so fuckin drunk all you hear is the Beat da beat

I could be sayin anything Get ya ass on the floor

Wear the same pants that you wore from the day before

Baby and shake that ass like a whore


Yeah i'm talkin to you BITCH (get up and dance bitch)

wiggle that ass BITCH (yeah thats it. yeah i called you a bitch)

what you going to do about it BITCH?

sit there and cry like a little BITCH? BITCH.

get up and dance BITCH (wiggle that ass bitch)

you little trash BITCH (yeah thats it. yeah i called you a trash bitch)

not trailer trash SWITCH

take the person you with and exchange partners

[Verse 2: Kuniva]

tell me that it aint no hangin, and fuck callin home

untill you look at me before you answer the phone

when i flee, your ass can get as naked and be as free

as you wanna be freak

but i'm takin the key with me.

you aint gonna get shit, so dont even ask

disrespect my wishes, i'll beat your ass

watch me comin home floor eatin half of your doggy bag

and i leave laughin, while you callin me on the rag

i'm the type that might cut off the lights when i hit

and before she cut them on, Kuniva already SWITCHED

your ass aint eve