Ain't Nuttin But Music



It's shit like this I kick to these rich white kids

Who just might see how fucked up this sick life is

Whoops I did it again didn't I my shit's harder

to figure out than what Britney's tit size is (oooh)

I probably pissed you off again didn't I bitch (so what?)

You and Christina Gaguilera kiss my grits {*smak*}

You know how many shits I give? I wish I did

So I can quit givin these twisted little kids ideas

This just in, Britney just dissed Justin

She just fucked Ben, got pit fucked and dick sucked him

If Affleck can get his ass licked, how come I can't, shit?

God damn bitch, I'm rich, I can't understand this

Are those pictures I made of us together on the internet

as close as I'm ever gonna get to hittin it from the back?

And shit, when it comes to that, I hit harder from the back

than Everlast, when he's pluggin Lethal in his fuckin ass

Just give me one more chance, Britney hit me one more time

Let me know what's on your mind, Whitney give me one more line

to sniff, you fuckers know what time it is

Fuck your jewelery my record's almost diamond, BEEOTCH!

[HOOK 2X: Eminem + Dr Dre]

What's goin on in the world today

People fightin, feudin, lootin, it's okay

Let it go, let it flow, let the good times roll

Tell 'em Dre (it ain't nuttin but music)


Eminem doesn't like N'Sync, well I do

So fuck him, and the Backstreet Boys too

Whatever happened to the cast of Different Strokes

Gary's broke, Todd's snortin coke, and Dana overdosed

(Awww) I got two little boys with me

Michael Jackson sent two helicopters to get me (hee-heee!)

I'm up early wit my hair curly

Me and Mr. Furly, fuckin Laverne and Shirley!


A lot of rappers are livin in la la land

That's why I let my dogs out on the Baha Men

As bad as a life I had, I'm not mad

I don't need to be a jackass to beat up my dad

My whole family's country, my grandmother's o